The Committee

The Terry Kuzina Memorial Student Award for Graphic Design is supported by private donations and proceeds from The Kuzina Cup. The Kuzina Cup would not be possible without the efforts and talents of the wonderful volunteer organizing committee. Thank you to the following individuals for being amazing!

Event Chairs
Theresa Kuzina - Chair
Nicole Ungurian - Sponsorship 
Florence Ozirney - Tournament 
Rhiannon Leier - Event Day 
Anja Studer - Marketing and Sales 
Pete Howson - Finance

Organizing Committees


Bill Crossman
Kelly Leschasin
Arthur Liffmann
Lori Walder


Charlene Brown
Derek Kuzina
Gord Kuzina

Marketing and Sales:

Morris Antosh
Brooke Nelson
Vanessa Kuzina


Kelly Copp

Additional Support:

Debbie Kuzina
Don Kuzina
Lisa Kuzina
Kara Westerlund
Leighton Wiebe
Dave Wilkie